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UPS Batteries

Best UPS Batteries to Buy

APC is a leading brand of designing electronic gadgets. It also offers UPS options for computer peripherals, servers, networks, and data centres & facilities. Best APC UPS battery packs include APC SRT 2.2KVA 72V, SMX120BP SMART-UPS  4U 120V tower external battery, and APC SURT48XLBP 48V battery pack. You can buy these battery packs as they come with a long-lasting warranty.  

Life of your APC Battery

Most APC batteries should last 3 to 5 years. Some factors affect your battery life counting discharges and environment. Some of the factors are given below

  1. Load: As the load grows, on your UPS, its runtime decreases. It is recommended that the load should not exceed 80 percent of the UPS rated capability. 

  2. Storage: You should not save APC UPS batteries for prolonged periods of time. The latest batteries should not be stored for more than six months from the date of buying, because when the batteries ship from the factory, they are almost 80% charged. So, the batteries should be used or they will lose their charge. Also, you should not store batteries that have already been in use.

  3. Operating Temperature: The ideal operating temperature for an APC UPS battery pack is between 20-25° C.  Please keep in mind that the temperature of your battery will always be warmer than the ambient temperature where the UPS is installed.

  4. If necessary, do runtime calibrations one or two times a year as some of the users want to check their systems to confirm that their runtime is enough.

Whether you are powering a series of surveillance cameras or vital medical equipment, an APC UPS battery system can defend you against loss of coverage if a power failure happens. UPS is a device that responds rapidly to a power failure, with the help of a battery. 

The APC UPS battery pack is a temporary solution for your backup power and the main power source. The issue is that even a strong generator or battery backup can take several minutes for your computer to respond when a failure happens. And the restarting process can take up to several minutes. In critical functions like banks and hospitals, these precious minutes could be a matter of death or life. The APC UPS battery is made in such a way that it has the potential to solve this issue by responding instantaneously, and providing a boost of power to the computer.