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APIs and Its Importance for Businesses Today

APIs, or Application Program Interfaces is fast becoming increasingly vital for businesses across each and every industry today. It’s importance in the world of business can be gauged by the fact that today..

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Blockchain and Its Impact on VoIP

Blockchain – this is probably something that you have heard about, especially in the banking sector, where this new technology has definitely managed to catch interest. But what exactly is blockchain and how will it manage to “change everything” even the way we communicate through VoIP?

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HPE Discover 2017: Bringing Data Back From The Cloud

Whether it’s a car, appliance or even an industrial machine; everything is become connected which has led to businesses store more and more data into the public cloud.

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Safeguarding Your Computer against Ransome Attack

Microsoft reneges on update policy for pushing out the patch for unsupported Windows XP and Windows 8 to help in protecting against ransomware attack.

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A Guide to Microsoft Surface Laptop

What is the surface Laptop?
Microsoft pitches the laptop worth $999 as an Apple MacBook challenger, with improved battery life and enhanced performance. Laptop also helps in dissuading students and schools by switching from mid to high-end PCs.

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Make Memory Faster and Cheaper with 3D X Point Memory Technology

Is there any way of making data centers and PCs faster? Well, Yes! 3D XPoint memory technology is the new technology which will make its way into both PCs and data centers, which is designed to fill the gaps between speedy conventional memory..

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