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Fortinet Transceiver 

Fortinet Transceiver devices generally possess an electrical interface on the end that connects to the system and ethernet or optical interface outside used to connect the various communication mediums such as a fiber optic cable (in the case of Optical Module) or RJ45 cables (in case of ethernet interface).

There are different types of Fortinet transceiver modules available in the market that can be used in networking devices. A variety of specifications and compatibility designs are often used to address the different requirements of the user.

Fortiap Access Points

When you have passengers, employees, students, guests using desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, Fortinet Wireless Access Point offers 50+ simultaneous connections and gives you the freedom to scale the number of devices connected on your network. This freedom of connectivity comes amidst some security concerns. This is where Enterprise-level Fortinet security features come into play. Fortiap access products point to necessary security features and protocols, can be deployed anywhere with Newer-gen modules that show compatibility with Power over Ethernet Plus, or PoE+ (a hybrid Ethernet and power cord), and do not require any separate power line.

Fortinet Router

Fortinet Routers are used to integrate multiple networks/switches together in Fortinet servers. It serves as a platform to connect your networked PCs and devices to the Internet and share network connectivity among different users. Thus, A router serves as a dispatcher, opt for the best route for your information to transit between source and destination so that you can share the information instantly.

Fortinet Switch 

Fortinet Switches are used to connect multiple I/O devices such as printers, computers, and servers together within a unified network and help in sharing resources such as data and files. Apart from this, Fortinet Switch is mainly used in Local Area Network -LAN.

There exist a vast variety of state-of-the-art Fortinet accessories that range from networking hardware and telecommunication devices. Fortinet servers are available in different variants and layouts such as blade, rack, tower, thin, apollo, etc. The top of the line Fortinet products used in Fortinet servers include: