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Juniper Power Supplies

  • Regulate power supply output in proportion to the applied load

  • Filter pulsating direct voltage to a sustained dc steady voltage for equipment usage.

  • Alters AC voltage to pulsating direct current voltage by half-wave or full-wave rectification

  • Step voltages up or step voltages down, by transformer action, to the required ac line voltage.

  • If you buy Juniper, it provides some method of voltage division to meet device requirements.

Importance of a Power Supply

While making a PC, we get obsessed with the number of compute units in a GPU or how many cores a CPU has. But, most of us do not consider buying a suitable power supply

It is obvious that you do not need to think about a PSU all the time, but on the other hand, if you do not consider to buy Juniper supply for your system, there is a chance that you will be in some problem soon as a PSU is one of the vital components of a computer.

If the system does not get sufficient power or the PSU fails, there will be issues that you might face such as the entire system might become unstable or the system may not boot, or it might just shut down when the requirement for energy surpasses capacity. Also, an expensive component inside your system can get damaged. 

You can attach the power supply with a computer by simply finding the place where the power cord can be plugged in. In the same way, if you want to remove the PSU, you can do it simply as it just looks like a metal box with a fan inside and several cables linked with it.


A power supply is a hardware device which provides power to an electrical device. The device receives power from an electrical outlet and alters the current from AC to DC, which a computer system needs. Moreover, it regulates the voltage to a suitable amount, allowing the system to function efficiently without overheating. 

The PSU is an integral part of any system and must work appropriately for the rest of the devices to work. Best power supplies include JUNIPER - JPSU-350-AC-AFO 350-watts with Airflo for EX4300, and Juniper - SRX320- rack mount kit with power supply adapter tray. So, what do these PSUs do? They perform the following functions.