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  • Boost gaming or work experience and productivity by 30 to 50%

  • Allow users to complete certain tasks up to 52% faster

  • 90% less window management time

  • Improve readability by allowing more content visible at once

  • Provide better strategic thinking and game planning due to wide view window 

For routine tasks, a screen size of fewer than 17 inches can cause eyestrain and negatively impact productivity. For gaming enthusiasts, it is recommended to opt for Viewsonic gaming monitors larger than 26 inches with curved screens. However, cryptocurrency trading and analysis, the more you increase screen size the more productive you will be.

Some other notable benefits include:

  • For accountants, a large view window and a large spreadsheet view to simultaneously work with multiple documents and windows.

  • For gaming, binge-watching, or office work, you can have a better user experience and little or no eye strain at all.

  • Programmers can view code, documentation, and references on multiple windows all at once.

If You’re going to upgrade your office monitors or want to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience, it is recommended to opt for larger displays as they have become less expensive, offer plenty of advantages for being bigger, and are worth the additional cost. No doubt, bigger display screens actually make a difference. According to research, larger display screens can improve productivity and UX. Viewsonic Monitor screens offer some significant advantages such as: