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Cisco IP Phones VOIP

Why do you Need an IP Phone? 

A few years back, you would need expensive on-site hardware such as PBX server or VoIP gateways. But these days, the requirements are minimal with a hosted VoIP service like Nextiva. Actually, all you need is a robust network setup and a good internet connection. 

Benefits of having an IP Phone 

  • More Features Without Extra Hardware: Cisco IP phone enables your enterprise to access innovative features deprived of having to invest in additional hardware like Advanced Call Routing, call queues, call recording, instant messaging, auto-attendant, and video conferencing. If you buy IP phone, you can select all the latest enterprise features mentioned

  • 60 Percent Cheaper than Landlines: If you buy IP phone, it will cost you less than a regular phone. Shifting to an unlimited IP plan can save a lot. Cisco phones will also enable you to call your loved ones living in all the states of the globe. 

  • Easy Integration with CRM: IP phones also make it easier to contribute voice communications with your CRM as well as other business tools. The capability to provide consistent customer service and centralize data makes IP phones a no-brainer for many enterprises.

Best IP Phones to Buy

Ip phones allow you to communicate with anyone by just having a simple internet connection. Several brands are designing these phones, but not each is worth buying. If you want to buy IP phone, you can select from Cisco IP phone CP-7821-K9 7800, Cisco CP-8845-K9 8800, and Cisco CP-8861-K9 8800. You can afford these phones as they are not expensive at all as well as they are durable and reliable.  

IP phones are ones that use an internet connection to receive and send voice data. Unlike regular landline phones, these IP phones connect to the internet through a modem or a router. The initial IP phones arrived in the market in early 1995, but they had low audio quality and were very expensive. Since then, IP phone tech has been improved a lot. These days, IP phones offer advanced business phone features, cheaper running costs, and HD voice quality.

Cisco is considered one of the best manufacturers of IP phones. Cisco IP phone systems use digital protocols or IP to transfer voice communications through the internet. These days, Cisco IP phones are widely used due to their availability and advanced features.