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Juniper Transceivers

It is not a distinct network gadget but integrated into a network card device. In other words, the transceiver on a local area network is accountable to put signals over the network media to sense incoming signals while roaming via similar cable. Module type Juniper transceiver device is connected exterior to the network. It is installed & functions equally to other computer gadgets, or else distinct devices. 


The device can be classified into following types

  • Wireless Transceivers

  • Ethernet Transceivers

  • Fiber-optic Transceivers

  • RF Transceivers

Why Should You Buy a Transceiver?

  • These devices are being used for TV signal transmission, and satellite communication

  • It is used to alter the frequency from IF to RF

  • The core function is to transmit the information in the kind of video, data, or voice over the wireless medium.

  • The module is very helpful in wireless communication

A number of elements can affect the effectiveness of a transceiver, how far it can transmit, or determining which frequencies it can use. Satellites can transmit across a very great distance and use a wide range of frequencies, while a simple police radio may be limited to city limits. 

Some of the devices are made to be portable such as an Avalanche transceiver that is attached to the kit of snowshoers, skiers, and other people who are involved in winter sports. Other devices are fixed and cannot be taken from one place to another such as huge communication systems used in satellites and ships. So, portability is another advantage as the device is easy to move and manage as required, but the drawback is that the gadget may be frail, with insufficient range which can become challenging at times.

A transceiver is a combination of a receiver and a transmitter in a single device. It is used in wireless communication gadgets such as radio, cellular telephones, and cordless telephone sets. The core feature of a Juniper transceiver is to transmit and receive signals. The device can also be used for transmitter/receiver devices in optical fiber systems, or cable. 

In LANs, the transceiver is a portion of the network interface card. It can transmit signals over the network wire as well as can detect electrical signals flowing via wire. Though, some kinds of networks need an external transceiver. If you want to purchase a transceiver, you can buy Juniper transceiver XFP-10G-S as it has been regarded as the best in the tech and networking market.